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2019 Vendors

(list will be updated when KFM is up and running again!)


Blue Jay Meadows Farm
(Bill & Tara Britt) – gourmet oyster mushrooms, soups, paintings
Broken Arrow Acres
(Jay & Brenda Hickman) – local beef & portk, patties and sausages
Popsy’s Produce
(Doug & Pat Hari) – fresh potatoes & other yummy veggies in season(starts in July)
Edible Acres
(Melissa & Jeremy) – fresh berries & greens from a sustainable, off-the-grid farm
My Green Acre
(Karen Charles) – fresh produce in season, lovely potted plants, herbs
The Sandstone Collection
(Cathy LeBrun) – Finnish Pulla bread and other fresh baked goods, painted rocks
Blissful Bowls
(Fiona Robinson) – vegan, gluten-free energy balls, soups, stews and chilies
Windy Sunshine Farm Boreal Berry Jam
(Carl Godin & Esther Huibers) – fabulous preserves with local ingredients (Facebook)
Vera’s Naturals
(Vera Kotalik) fresh seasonal veggies/herbs, European herbal teas, local medicinal herbs, ointments/oils handmade from natural ingredients
Byers Naturally Raised Beef
(Jim & Trudy Byers) – tasty beef from just down the road (Murillo) (Facebook)
Our Herbs
(Bev Reid)potted, fresh and dried premium herbs for your recipes
Bad Monkey Popcorn
(Larry Treanor) – popcorn in marvellous flavours!
Hanna Road Produce
(Susan Lubuk) – fresh seasonal produce, preserves
(Wendy O’Connor) – ecologically raised veggies, home-made candy (website)
Kuchta Honey Farm (Rudy & Lois Kuchta) – unpasteurized honey from just down Oliver Road
The Murillo Bread Maker
(Garth Pattyson) – tasty breads, pies, treats, summer veggies
McMillen Meadows (Belen McMillen) – garlic, heirloom tomatoes
Sugar Mountain Maple Syrup (Derek Proulx – local organic maple syrup


Art, Apparel, Crafts & More!

Scentsational Smells
(Elizabeth Kukkee) – mild, handmade soaps, dresses, jewellery, produce in season (website)
Wood Crafts by George (George & Fay Tergie) – custom woodwork, cutting boards, birdhouses
Plum Hill (Pauline Bodnar) – goat’s milk soaps, sewing items
SweetLegs (Betty Ellchook) – premium, comfy fashion leggings
Growing North (Pam Tallon) – perennials and herb plants in spring and fall (website)
The Bear Stick
(J.T. Morris) – Unique walking sticks for bear safety (actually, YOUR safety!) (website)
Young Living
(Debbie Wall) – essential oils
Modern Stringz (Robin Swiderski) – knitting and crocheting (occasional)
Sista’z Carpetz (Connie Akis) – colourful handmade rugs from retro polyester (occasional)


photo of portable forge

River Forge’s “portable’ forge! Proprietor: Aidan Marchant