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2017 Vendors

(not all vendors will be present every Saturday)


My Green Acre (Karen Charles) – fresh produce in season, lovely potted plants
The Murillo Bread Maker
(Garth Pattyson) – tasty breads, pies, treats, summer veggies
The Sandstone Collection (Cathy LeBrun) – Finnish Pulla bread and other fresh baked goods, painted rocks
Popsy’s Produce (Doug & Pat Hari) – fresh potatoes & other veggies in season
Windy Sunshine Farm Boreal Berry Jam (Carl Godin & Esther Huibers) – fabulous preserves with local ingredients (Facebook)
BearHaven (Wendy O’Connor) – ecologically raised veggies, bedding plants (website)
Byers Naturally Raised Beef (Jim & Trudy Byers) – tasty beef from just up the road (Murillo)
Susan Lubuk – fresh produce, pickled garlic scapes and other treats from Slate River Valley
Vera’s Naturals (Vera Kotalik) – fresh veggies & herbs in season, European herbal remedies
Shannon’s Better Butter (Shannon Schiffer) – homemade butter in savoury flavours
Nolalu Eco Centre (Jacomyn Gerbrandy) – fresh local produce in season

Art, Apparel, Crafts & More!

Dorsey Drew – fun handmade outdoor woodcrafts, novelties & toys
Flora Borealis
(Wendy Wright)herbs, flowers, produce in season
Elizabeth Kukkee –
dresses, jewellery, produce in season
Sprucedale Farms
(Jenn Hakala)plants, decor, baking
Woodwork by George (George Tergie) – custom woodwork, cutting boards, birdhouses
Growing North (Pam Tallon) – perennials and herb plants
The Bear Stick (J.T. Morris) Unique walking sticks for bear safety (actually, YOUR safety!) (website)
North Star Naturals
(Shelley Thorne & Family) – natural cosmetics, outdoor body spray, Tina Panetta Natural Vegan Cosmetic Products, fresh veggies in season
Health 4 You (Pirjo Hofland) – fresh herbs, craft items, coffee & health-related products
Kim Cunningham Stained Glass
Heather Peden Photography
– lovely local photographs, framed and as cards

Apple jelly from KFM vendor Sandra Burns

Apple jelly from KFM vendor Sandra Burns