Our Vendors

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2022 Vendors

Some vendors are occasional


Hanna Road Produce (Susan Lubuk) fresh seasonal produce, preserves
Our Herbs
(Bev Reid)potted, fresh and dried premium herbs for your recipes
(Wendy O’Connor) – ecologically raised veggies, home-made candy (BearHaven’s website)
My PTSD Bakery
(Laurie Millington) – oodles of tasty baked goods
Windy Sunshine Farm Boreal Berry Jam (Esther Huibers) – fabulous preserves with local ingredients (Facebook)
Popsy’s Produce – great fresh veg in season
Morning Moon Farm (Alia & Cherry) – sustainably grown vegetables, CSA (Morning Moon Farm’s website) (starting July 9)
Karen Charles – perennials, herbs
Pauline Hyatt – plants, veggies in season
The Farmacy (Sarah Bencic) – veggies, fruit, homemade goods
Boreal Heights Farm (Crystal Olsen) – seasonal fruits & veggies, soaps and baked goods
Dodie LeGassick – seasonal veggies, environmental info
North Winds Farm (Teri Treftlin) – seasonal produce, spices, wool for felting (North Winds Farm’s website)
Growing North (Pam Tallon) – fruiting perennials and herb plants in early summer (Growing North’s website) (early summer only)

Art, Apparel, Crafts & More!

Sista’z Carpetz & Maskz (Connie Akis & Janice Forneri) – colourful handmade rugs from retro polyester, fashion masks
Barb Belanger – baking, sewing
Scentsational Smells
(Elizabeth Kukkee) – mild, handmade soaps, dresses, jewellery, produce in season 
Shades of Lavender Soaps & Candles
(Carole Laven) – soaps, candles, fresh veggies in season
Marcel Tardif – woodturning creations (website)
Paasolainen’s Gifts (Esther Paasolainen) – Gifts for the family, home, heart and spirit
Vera’s Naturals
(Vera Kotalik) – herbals remedies from Europe – natural tinctures from local ingredients (starting in mid-July)
Dorsey Drew – woodwork toys and garden decor (weather permitting)
The Bear Stick
(J.T. Morris) – Unique walking sticks for bear safety (actually, YOUR safety!) (The Bear Stick’s website)
Young Living
(Debbie Wall) – essential oils
JBooth Toques & Crafts (Jen Evans) – toques & knitting, trellises, crafts
Tree Rings Death Doula (Jenn Chalifoux) – end-of-life home support (Tree Rings website)
Barb Belanger – baking, sewing
Pirjo Hofland – paintings, health products
Your Tea Needs (Eugema Ings) – Exotic teas and tea accessories – fresh veggies in season

Sista'z Carpetz at Kakabeka Farmers' Market

Come see Connie & Janice at Sista’z Carpetz – see how the rugs are made!